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March 28, 2006



Sleeping through a flight is a good thing.

some effin dude

that's a lot of fake names with which to come up, and i for one do not believe that you have it in you.


Oh, she's got it in her. She's like Sawyer with the occassionally witty, but likey obvious fake names.
Still not much of a cliffhanger, by the by.


i suppose i am not the expert on the contents of tm that you are, and so i remain in doubt as to whether so many people can reasonably be given nicknames. i mean... this is a girl who listens to ryan adams.

Terrible Mother

I see how it is. Turn on me in my darkest hour. MY THESIS IS DUE IN LESS THAN 7 HOURS!


i turned on you long ago. i'm glad you're not t-minusing anymore.

i mean your.

Terrible Mother

That's it all of you! I'm not writing a review of my Ryan Adams Concert Experience.


You say this as though your witholding that information is a punishment, but I'd hate to live in a world where it actually was a punishment.


i think you mean "both of you."

i mean your.

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