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September 03, 2006


Friend One

Excellent. I've email comments.

Friend Omega


i've made a habit not only of traveling - of clinging desperately to the desire to be anywhere but wherever i happen to be at the time - but have uprooted my life again and again, moving across the country, often on little more than a whim.

new york. ohio. texas. michigan. london. california. new hampshire. they say that "moving" is one of the most emotionally traumatic things a human being can go through, but for me, it's always been staying still that's been trying.

Terrible Mother

I feel similar in some ways, Omega. There is a comfort in moving sometimes. I think this is a big part of why I want to do the insane road trip with the kids.

thank you for your emailed comments, Friend One. They are very helpful.

Friend Omega

when this silliness came about regarding odessa, texas, my roommates sat me down. "why do you want to go to odessa, texas?"

"because it's there. the offer's there."

"is it what you want to do?"

"it's moving. it's going somewhere. it's a direction."

"is it the right direction?"

i'd only rarely, in the past, stopped to consider whether a direction was right or wrong. motion felt good. getting somewhere was better than getting nowhere. and it made for better stories. few people are as well-versed as i on alpena, michigan; butte, montana; clinton, iowa; manhattan; dayton, ohio; and north conway, new hampshire.

but i also long to have roots. i do have an end destination... it's just that i hate being anywhere else but there for an extended period of time. it feels like wasted time; like wasted energy. i'd rather be on the move.

because when my professional life is stagnant, sometimes i like to pretend that geography is a worthy substitute. can't get locked down anywhere if you're constantly on the go.

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