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October 01, 2006


Tired Hip Single Mother

It IS fair of you to make any choice (so long as we're excluding any sort of "Mommie Dearest" stylings with wire coathangers and the like)that you deem rational and helpful, and you are going to RULE. Doesn't help much now, but I have the boundless confidence in you. Yes, indeedy.


John. Pfft. Fuck 'im. He had his chance.

The kids. Eh. They'll adapt.

But I'm curious to see if you can actually leave hippyville for longer than a few weeks.


I agree, it IS fair...more than fair, sounds like, considering the circumstances.

Terrible Mother

Is that a challenge, B?


...was waitlisted for a spot at Soapstone, a women's writers' retreat here. They glibly noted that I had very high scores but that there were only 25 spots. "And we had 163 applicants!"

Hey, me too! Welcome to the "wait, am I happy about that?" club!

Smiles, s.

Friend Omega

i don't know what the big deal is. i got a spot at soapstone.


Let's just say I'll be impressed.

I was there for less than twenty-four hours and I didn't want to leave.

Terrible Mother

You were so cute too. "Maybe I should retire here!"

It's sort of an ideal city, isn't it? I mean, you only saw a small slice, but my street is particularly nice.

My new house, though? Fabulous. Lacks the crub appeal of the old house, but is big and roomy, with hardwood floors and kitchy tile and a gigantic kitchen and a front and back yard with all these trees and flowers.

I'm sorta proud of myself.

Terrible Mother

Hi Shanna,

Yeah, it's weird huh? Waitlists are always terrible.

I will someday tell the University of Washington waitlist story, which still causes me to shake my fist to the north every time I tell it.

Friend R

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