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January 20, 2007



My kiddo has always had a penis. Never a wee-wee or a pee-pee or a thing-a-ma-gig or a ding-a-ling either. God. No wonder some people are so . . . confused? Yuck.

About married mothers and thier attitude toward us, single mothers. My opinion is this, they're bored. They shop too much. Drive SUVs. Gossip. And don't masturbate nearly enough.

I assert this opinion based on the upper-class moms that live in the neighborhood down the block from me and whom bring thier kids to the same school as I take Kiddo.

If I listen to them speak to one another five minutes, I become nauseated. I'm sure I'd have the same effect on them, you know, if they were interested in speaking to me or listening to my opinion. Alas, most aren't. Probably because they wrongly assume I'm just dying to fuck thier husbands.

Friend Omega

People are too hard on puns. They're really quite wonderful.


"As he steered the car, John wondered if Nikki trimmed and shaped her pubic hair. He decided that she did, and that she left just a small little patch at the top. Probably a little triangle."

Terrible Mother

See, the weird thing about this entry is that it got a ton of hits, however, very little comments.

Alana and Omega, I suppose you two are the only brave ones. I Pfft! at the rest of you!

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