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February 14, 2007



HOLY CRAP THAT IS WHAT IS PLAYING ON MY LAPTOP RIGHT NOW! I shit you not. I love me some moldy old Cubans. They're like, the last people alive who understand jazz.

Tragically Hip Single Mother

The Spice Girls broke up?

Friend Omega

I don't even know what I meant by any of that.

Also, I thought everyone knew Fry's was a grocery store. They still have the little grocery aisles in their stores. You know, to "keep it real."

Straight up.

Dr. Write

Three things:
1) The butcher? If I had ever dated a butcher who drove a Camaro (bitchin' Camaro!) I would have died and gone to heaven. As it was, I rarely dated in high school. I dated a football player from another town who dumped me because I wasn't a christian. Or because I wouldn't sleep with him. Which was it?
2) Someday, you will meet someone who will *want* books on the Rwandian genocide. And he will be the man for you. (also, he will want to have SEX rather than make love. Whatever that means)
3)Your life is just so much more interesting than mine. I'm not sure if it's just because there are no adult bookstores here, or because I'm no longer allowed to date, or because I'm boring. Maybe I'm boring. . .

Terrible Mother

Oh, the "make love" versus "have sex" thing is not that big of a deal, really. It's just the way Omega says the former that creeps me out, puts a thin film over everything. Whenever he says "make love" I feel like a need a shower.


1. The Butcher and his Camero deserve full throttle storydom.

2. Darn, I have regular ole lube, no glitter. But I have glitter gel for my hair, does that count?

3. I wish I were rich. I'd experience an enormous amount of pleasure dumping $$$ on you to continue writing. The way I see it, the world suffers remaining largely unaware of your talent. You should be more widely read than Dooce by now.


Now that one girl?
She definitely knows I hate her.
Good going.


I just realized that I didn't know that the Fry's that sells electronics is the same chain where I used to buy my groceries. "Do YOU understand?" No, frankly, most of the time I don't. ;) Great post.

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