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April 01, 2007



Bravo! You did such amazing work not getting sucked into his fighting strategies that he's designed so he'll always win. You won by not playing. Good work.

Friend Omega

I'm reminded of Eric Roth's screenplay for the worst Best Picture winner of the past twenty-five years, Forrest Gump. "He must be the stupidest son of a bitch alive. But he sure is fast."


Good work! Sticking to your outline and not letting him set the tone or agenda is the way to go.


TM that is awesome.
You did it.
I'm so happy you feel more empowered.


Good for you.



Congratulations. He fights like a bitch. And you still got through all that manipulation and had it your way.


You go grrrl! Staying in your "adult mode" is the way to go. If you can keep it up, you will probably find that he won't be able to keep up his "kid mode" as consistently. When faced with a calm, rational person, eventually you end up hearing how ridiculous you're sounding. Yahoo! Robin


I love stories about John. You should get on the inspirational speaker circuit, TM, catering to the mentally underprepared and emotionally overwhelmed. You can call your seminars, "Hey, at least you're not this guy," in which you can hawk your self-help tome, "The One-Hundred Thousand Dumbest Things You Should Never Say to the Mother of Your Children."

Put, "I don't have any money," at the top of the list.



By the way, Omega, as much as I dislike Forest Gump, I'd take "Run, Forrest, run!" playing in an endless loop over a single viewing of Titanic or Braveheart. By my way of thinking, the Gump was more on par with Crash in its mildly offensive simplicity.

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