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May 02, 2007



I have never used a spreadsheet.

Depending on your point of view, that confirms everything good or bad you might suspect about me.

Friend Omega

Okay, who's going to tell her?


Beetle is a girl?

Did you turn into a lesbian?

(I spent five minutes debating with myself over using "dyke" instead of "lesbian." "Dyke" is, without question, the funnier of the two. I know I shouldn't use it, because it somehow validates the people who use it not in jest, but in anger. However, the insulting implications behind "cocksucker" mystify me. Wouldn't all men be happier if there were more cocksuckers in the world? Cockbites. Those are the ones against who we men must all remain vigilant. And dickmunches. Especially dickmunches)


Hmmm, that may be too much insight.

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