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July 25, 2006


Friend One

Excellent. Fabulous. Amazing post. FYI, you call me Friend Two by accident in the fourth paragraph. Also, it's guandules, not guandales. Other than those minor suggestions, this Editor thinks you fucking kick ass.

Terrible Mother

Thanks man. I just fixed those things. You're a kick ass editor, you know.



I'll give you everything except the description of the light, and perhaps the greeks. It still works-- it just isn't necessary.

How have I, of all people, come to preach restraint?

On the other hand, the rest of it's fucking brilliant. As usual, but perhaps your best blog yet.

As far as finding one thing, anything, as anchor, you know that nothing's ever enough. We find one thing, and moments later want more. We look at nothing with perspective, fail to recognize how far we've come, are perpetually unmoored.

And then we look at it clearly for a moment.

A lovely post. You will, you know, be more than all right.


I've been trying to formulate a response, but words fail me.
I feel this way (adrift, what next?) all the time. After finishing my PhD I thought I would feel good enough, I don't. But I finally just made up my mind to be happy, to stop looking to the future for "when.. . .then I'll be happy" and just be happy. It's hard work, but it sounds like you are already way ahead of me. Good job! And I'd love to read some of your work!!!
It also sounds like your program did a better job sending you off. The reading sounds like a fabulous ceremony.


This was an amazing post to read. If ever there was a woman who could roll with the punches, who could take whatever life dishes out, I have no doubt that that woman is you. You amaze me.



I'm in love with the way you write.


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