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August 23, 2006


Friend One

Well, obviously, you have to come to Missoula, even though I won't be there. As for your previous post, I really need to see the whole story in order to be able to comment. Why don't you send it to me and I'll send you some poems and we'll do some honest commenting?

Friend Omega

I think that a book about a single mother taking a road trip with her three young children sounds like something I would never read, even should I live to be a hundred.

Friend Omega

oh... but note that that doesn't mean that you shouldn't write it and that it might not, in fact, be very delightful.

i've lived everywhere, so let me tell you where you need to go.


north conway, new hampshire. fuck yeah!

Terrible Mother

you are a jackass of the highest order.

Friend R

um...so...the Omega Jackass?


Hmm, well first I'd come to my end of the country and let the Things run with my pack for a weekend and use some of that copious grant money to buy me half a glass of wine and get me drunk enough to talk about penises. From there...eh, what more do you need out of life, really?

Terrible Mother

Half a glass of wine will get you drunk? I am so in.

Super Hip Single Mother

Heh, I would NEVER have chosen this moniker, but if the shoe fits, ONE MUST PUT IT ON ONESELF. Wait just one minute.
Roadtrips with children can be murder, unless you have a specific destination. I'm intrigued by the thought of someone slinging gobs of money your way...and crossin' my fingers that they do.

Terrible Mother

Hey SHSM, I can totally change your moniker. If you beg really nice-like, that is.

Why are all of you so "down" on my excessive road trip plan? Pfft!


Southeast Tulsa, OK (it's about survival)

Winnemucka, NV (you can get the whole family t-shirts that read, "I lost it all at the Caddilac Ranch!")

Telluride, CO (come for the mushroom festival, stay because you can't find your car)

Sandusky, IA (discover your inner roller coaster freak)

Bar Harbor, ME (I couldn't begin to explain it- it's something you'll understand when you get there)

Buffalo, NY (think of it as the anti-Eugene)

Salem, MA (stoke the ire of your junior feminists)

Outer Banks, NC (lighthouse tour!)

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