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August 26, 2006



I love these miscellany posts, TM. Thanks for visiting me the other day, and for the nice note about my dog. It's going to be a long road, but every kind word makes me feel a little bit better.

I had to comment on the Netflix thing. I also have a line-up of FIVE movies that have been sitting next to the DVD player all week. My usual solution to a Netflix back log is to send the offending (the ones that I just can't get into watching at the moment) movies back and put them on my queue again for another time. It's like a new, movie renting paradigm. If I don't feel like watching it this week, back it goes. I relate it to deleting the bad digital photos instead of sharing every single shitty picture with my family. At first I had a hard time deleting pictures, but now I rarely keep it if I don't like it.

I'd say come to wine country for Thanksgiving, but I just learned that I'll be headed to the in-laws for what will likely be a multi-day feast. What about a spa getaway? Maybe you could find something cheap around the holidays?


Tragically Hip Single Mother

Oh, God, the unsolicited advice is climbing up my throat like a squirrel with dulled claws--I must open my mouth and SET THE SQUIRREL FREE!

Get your certification to teach middle/secondary school. It pays just as much (prolly more ekshully) as your hideous office job, you're brilliant enough to pass any test the Bush administration requires, it's got good benefits and retirement, and you could teach writing to kids who need it. Cf. Ariel Gore's (pretend this next is italicized) Whatever, Mom--she teaches, or was teaching, up in PDX, and was getting some incredible shit out of those kids.

Whew, am glad that's over.

What, you're unable to respond to my e-mail? Dammit.

Friend One

Have I mentioned that I miss you? That I miss the absolute shit out of you? Nachos caprese... Sheesh.


Thanks for the I miss teaching comment. I'm up to my neck in "please add me" and "I don't know how to use a computer". But I do like the students (don't I?). Anyway, I think you would be an amazing teacher, and you are an amazing writer. Think about teaching at a community college. No additional forms or tests. Summers off. There are lots of them. Everywhere. Need I say more?


You say OCD with bathrooom stalls like it's bad thing.



I have had a Netflix here since April.

Also. Thanksgiving. Hmmm.
Road trip?
Can Omega cook?

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