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August 06, 2006


Friend One

1. He's trying to GET BACK TOGETHER WITH YOU?!?!?!?!?!!? He's dead.

2. Friend Two is right: Send the fucking story out and when a big prize, already.

3. Oh fucking hell, I miss you.

Friend One

That "when" was "win" by the way.

Terrible Mother

I should clarify that Pink-Haired Housewife wasn't responding to me saying that the Sweet Boy definitely wanted to get back together, but more or less that I thought a reunion was possible and that he might be orchestrating one. I don't think so anymore, and I'm glad of it. Though I miss him, and go through spates of much gnashing of teeth and keening.

Okay, just the gnashing of teeth.

No, we aren't going to get back together. And my windows of opportunity are narrowing. Like, I'm down to about two ten-minute windows a day (meaning, if he called and/or showed up within those two ten minute windows, and asked me back, I'd go back). This is an overall improvement of the 23 hour and 52 minute window I had going about a month ago.

Let us also remember, though, that Friend Two is right. If he really wanted me back, he would get me back. And if he did want me back, he'd dump me anyway eventually. Period.

Terrible Mother

Also, I miss you too.


All I want is a framed, full screen size print of the words:


That's not so much to ask, is it?

And why am I always so much funnier when some genius recreates my emails?

friend omega

i'm 72% certain that i never said any of those things, though i'm 83% certain that i agree with them.

Terrible Mother

only 83%? What is going on down there, Omega?

I cannot believe I just called you "Omega." You suck.

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