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August 17, 2006



Oh, I just wanted to comment on "Mysterious Skin." Have you read the book? I saw the movie, and it killed me. Ugh. Then I read the book. Wow, it was good. Anyway, who knew the kid from "Third Rock From the Sun" would become such an AMAZING actor? Have you seen "Brick?" He's in that too. I'm watching it tonight.


Terrible Mother

Okay, I must say that, since we are communicating via one of my favorite Dorianne poems, The Tooth Fairy rocks. It's excellent. The first stanza, the first time I read it, made me cry, it surprised me so.

I loved Mysterious Skin, the movie. Honest and unflinching, it did an Ehud thing--made something like childhood sexual abuse subserviant to character need. I have never seen a movie about abuse that was able to do that. The last scene should be sentimental, but it isn't. The film earns it. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt is amazing. I've been thinking of writing a review for that film and posting it here. I'll have to put the book on my NEVERENDING to-read list.


that poem made me cry
i love that book you gave me TM

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