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August 29, 2006


Friend R

"I always think I just need to make it through this week. Just this week, and everything will look better." -- *tm

No, no it won't. Next week's gonna suck just as hard as this one. But the week after...watch your ass 'cause it's gonna be fuckin' GREAT!

And grats on the magazine thing and the thesis thing. It's great that you finally turned in your thesis and it came out well. You know, considering that I was at your freakin' graduation two months ago. In my day, they would have made you wait and walk the stage with us next spring. Kids these days.

Terrible Mother

Summer graduates get to walk with the spring graduates! I looked it up!

And, anyway, everyone knows I did it for the house. Pfft!


Dear TM,

As far as I'm concerned my first year after finishing my MFA, graduate school, was worse than sucking Hulk Hogan's sweaty armpit. It was like coming off cocaine, which I haven't done, you know, in years. It was like stubbing my toe ten times in a row everyday. Like having to hear a loop tape of Tom Cruise speaking everyday, all day, non-stop. Like having the flu twelve months.

I felt like a family dog, who having endured a few years of mild-to-moderate abuse at the hands of my family, was suddenly dumped at the dog pound.


But then I managed to get my nose though the bars of my cage and got a great big sniff of The Future.



I think there's a life out there for all of us, and most especially you, dear TM. A future shimmering with possibility and promise. It's just that whenever you get there, you'll feel it's the pedestrian present. There will always be five things when you can handle four. One of those things might be a National Book Award, but no doubt there will be speeches to give and books to autograph, and at the same time your daughters will have discovered boys, and Ivan will turn up one morning dressed in black with a nose-ring like a bull, and your friends/family will be bickering like a pen full of chihauhas and only one bone, and. And it will always be much the same.


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