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September 20, 2006


Nailbiting yet still Hip Single Mother

I love it when they dress like flatchested and relatively demure college freshmen. LOVE IT. Love the forays into accessorizing, glitter, hairties and wheeled sneakers. My own feral child asked me if she could use my deodorant the other day--she wanted very much to slide it onto her pristine underarm. I had to go into my room and laugh.


Hey TM (and Nailbiting Yet Still Hip Single Mom, since you might appreciate this too:)

My kiddo is already worried about shaving, as in his balls. I kid you not!!! He has told me twice he does not want to grow hair on his balls, and I told him, "It's OK, honey. It won't happen for a while."

(See I read him this book called "What's Happening to Me: A Guide To Puberty," which is a marvelous book, and we had fun reading it together, and it sparked a great discussion, and so I recommend it to other parents for sure) but ever since then my kiddo doesn't want to grow hair on his balls.

God, I know, it makes me laugh.

Anyway, so then he came up with the idea he'd shave his balls. Except ten minutes later he said, "But that might hurt."

So I told him, "Listen, honey, by the time you get hair on your balls you won't mind it. Trust me. You'll have other things on your mind by then."


Friend Omega

i hate shaving my balls.

what, it's only okay if a six-year-old says it?


Terrible Mother

I blame all of you for this comment section.

Jesus Christ, people!


Sorry if I offended anyone (TM.) I thought it was a cute story about my kid.


Terrible Mother

No, no, A. I was ribbin' ya. It is a cute story. I loved it.

I was mostly thinking something along the lines of "I have the best, most creative, readership in the world."

Think of it as a DB-like response. The "Jesus Christs!" I mean.

Friend Omega

i do not really think that you are a pervert, alana. even if you were, i wouldn't.

it's just... well. you'll get used to me.

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