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September 17, 2006



Hi TM.

First of all, I love and miss you a great deal and am sad I haven't been one of those folks who could be there to witness your days, as you haven't been there to witness any of mine.

Guess I haven't had the energy to dog paddle over to your end of the ocean, TM, as I've been having such a f-ing difficult time just keeping my own head above water over here at my end of this massive turbulent pond.

Today I get to make a choice: Pay my utility bill or buy fifty dollars worth of groceries, which as you probably know, isn't a whole hell of a lot of groceries.

Listen it must burn you just as it BURNED me when I could manage to move two thousand miles from home with a kid and lose my house and accumulate so much f-ing debt in order to make it through graduate school
only to find I couldn't secure employment with not one, but TWO college degrees. College was supposed to improve my chances. Except the year after graduate school I went on food stamps and had no health insurance and racked up an enormous childcare bill that took me six months to pay back.

I know where you are, TM. Probably more than your other friends, and yet, they are there for you, and I'm not. Sorry. At least it's comforting to know you have such a MARVELOUS support system.

By the way, $415.00? For three children? My kiddo's biological father pays more than that for one child. In Colorado, child support was determined by income, mine and his. Obviously he made a heck of a lot more money than I did, which is how I always assumed they came up with the amount he pays.

My brother has two children and pays, I think, like $375.00 per month, which again is not much considering the two children. However, there really isn't anything else to take from him, unless he doesn't pay his own rent and expenses.

Long heavy sigh.



Thanks, tm, for making me at least out to be a better supporter than I am. I get staggered by what you deal with, don't know what to say, run my recording that says something along the lines of: "It'll be fine." Which fails to recognize how hard it actually is, some days, many days. Too often.

Sometimes witness is all there is, someone else to provide actual, active evidence that yes, that happened, and so did that, and what the fuck?!? I'm glad that the combination of us folks with prefix 'friend' have provided at least that.


I think I meant title, not prefix. Before somebody leaps to point that out.


Handy tip for dealing with a stressful office environment: Post-it notes are the perfect size for hiakus, particularly negative haikus about your boss.


Elizabeth smells
She must bathe infrequently
If at all, that is


Workday conclusion
Liz M. is an idiot
When will she be gone?


Oh, my bendy straw
So delicate but assured
Bend, twist, sip, and sip

Okay, the last one was more out of boredom than anger. But you get the point.

Friend Omega

I have found the secret to happiness, and it is the House of Mystery in Gold Hill, Oregon.

Barring that, I really got nothin'.


you are a great writer.

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