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October 23, 2006


Somewhat Repulsed Single Mother

David Bradley sounds abusive. Please, please, please, all of y'all MFA (that sounds vaguely obscene--all y'all MFA, step the hell off!--but I don't mean it so, a'ight?) don't rush in to defend him. I'm just saying, knowing absolutely nothing except for several snippets here and there and hither and yon, I think: God, what a fucking PRICK, to treat my friend, and my friend's writing, so. I'm sorry. It just had to be said (written). The relationships just sound...abuser and abused, righteous jerky and his apologists.

Ooooh, maybe I'll be the spark that starts a big fat flame war!


Sorry, tm, I know you're no one's patsy, but DAMN. This guy has tenure?!


Is it still abuse when you pay to have them do it?

Sounds like an agreement between consenting adults to me.

les- a- lie

all your friends have cooler names than me - I forget- is omega better than alpha or the reverse? Isn't the whole point of having a code name being anonymous- my code name is my fucking name- repeated no less- and mangled by your fucking adorable children. Why can't my name be something cool like "fort awesome" or "friend thunderdome" I just spelled friend wrong, huh?

Friend Omega

i just picked my own name and whined until i got it. to me, from now on, you will always be fort awesome.

Terrible Mother

You people and your name fetishes. Look, who wants a new name? Who is dissatisfied with his or her name? Just lay it on me now, damnit.

Fucking Fort Awesome.

Acquaintance Omega

dude, you did NOT just write "damnit."


Acquaintance Omega

oh... and david bradley thinks that he is the r. lee ermey of creative writing.

Terrible Mother

I think "damnit" is correct usage, fyi.

And fuck you and the David Bradley horse you rode in on.

Acquaintance Omega

it's either 'damn it' or 'dammit,' you pretentious twat.

Terrible Mother

I fail to see how writing it "damnit" makes me a pretentious anything, loser-face.

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