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October 26, 2006


Inherently Cool Single Mother

Dude, I can so spell, you just totally maligned me with your "sacraficed." Dammit, tm.

Actually, I loved this entry, because I AM you--I too read before I could run. No CSUS for me, though, till I was in high school--took concurrent credit while taking stupid AP. Dude, did we live the same life? How did I miss you at the java joints? I had a 2.7 GPA (not sure how) and didn't go to college till I was 28 after dropping out spectacularly. I named my feral child after the fuckin' Great Gatsby's own love. Get out of my head; it's too spongy in here, I can't offer you a drink, and the light is atrocious.

Self-centered Single Mother

Oops, I forgot, it's not all about me. Let me add a little more, since the flame wars have not yet erupted (I'm waiting, Friend Omega; I can wait all day. Don't disappoint me. After the "David Bradley is the R. Lee Ermey of the UO", I'm your beyotch).

You are SO beautiful, you big compliment-sponge--the very idea of you thinking/saying/writing that you don't feel beautiful next to the coterie of First Name School moms--pshaw! You are brie; they are Velveeta. You are linen; they are rayon. You are a crisp organic Fuji apple; they are dinosaur-shaped fruit snacks. You are sixty shades of blue; they are dull roadwork-vest orange. (Simply because they can afford all of the former(s), and we can barely afford the latter(s, doesn't kill my analogy/ies.) Simply put, you're GORGEOUS; they are pinched and spare and tremulous.

Friend Omega

if it makes you feel better, ihsm, she wrote "I thought that if were just smart enough." so don't let her come at you with misspellings and grammatical issues.

i, too, was this person. overachieving with the hope of finding some stability. becoming disillusioned and disenfranchised when i learned that it did no good. it didn't make my father love me any more. it didn't make my parents stop fighting. no one cared... and what's more, my dad would use the threat of pulling me out of the gifted program whenever he wanted me to perform some banal chore, or whenever he got the urge to dislike something i'd done.

i flamed out around my junior year of high school. went through the motions. simply put, i no longer cared. i was numb. this is a terrific entry.

Terrible Mother

Someday Omega, just once, I want to be the one to catch you on a grammar thing.

I fear that this will be an unfulfilled hope.

Terrible Mother

And there is something especially cruel about pointing out one's grammar and spelling errors, Omega, while that someone is saying that they are tired of being a perfectionist!

Do you know how long I was able to resist editing that typo? ABOUT 45 SECONDS!

Friend Omega

look, i feel bad about it. does that help?

and i create typos and grammatical trainwrecks constantly. which is why i count on my friends to catch them, and to help me out.

if you'd rather avoid the unpleasantness altogether, that can be arranged.

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