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October 15, 2006


Friend Omega

well don't stop NOW. christ.

even the "The plan had been for Friend Two and I to leave early Friday morning" grammatical train wreck didn't stop me from enjoying this.

Terrible Mother

You know I am trying to write while listening to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in the background and being interrupted by three sub-ten year olds?

I also cannot believe you read it that fast.

Terrible Mother

You were right. It was riddled with errors and problems.


We're used to it.



That guy in the bolero was fun. He looked as if he wanted to square off and say 'draw!' At which point I would have taken out a pen and tried to doodle something on a bar napkin as I bled to death from a shot to the chest.

The biker-guy in the gas station, hair tied in a red bandana but wearing glasses, actually said, "Three. My God. I got one and it's too much. Go on ahead."

I didn't choose the bar stool one step away intending to make a metaphor. I did it because the chairs swivel, and I was turning in circles, which helped me choke down the coffee (it was called something like 'Caffeine Overload' or "Hyper Overdrive" or something like that, and tasted like "Charcoal Folgers"). FYI.

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