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November 16, 2006


Fatally Hip Mrs. Friend Two

Heh, didn't I sign my e-mail "Mrs. Friend Two?"

OK, OK, I just can't believe anyone would do anything nice for me by choice. You want FC, you take her! Sheesh!

And thank you, thank you, thank you, for the pellets above and the HIlarious stories and the pretty = bad handwriting and the candy.

Terrible Mother

I still haven't told the story of Thing Two trying to let you down easy: "I really like you, but I'm dating Cecelia."

Every time I think about it, I laugh out loud.

I think my house must sound like an amusement park or circus or something.

Shut up, Fort Awesome.

Mrs. Friend Two, Fatally Hip

You have raised that boy right. He actually had concern for me, and wanted to be both honest and sure I'd survive somehow.



i'm here
i'm laughing at your hilarious post today
every story was gold

let's hook up on your birthday
i'll drive up
what do you say?
you're 60...we should keep you off the roads at all costs from now on.


do you know how many pictures i could make from this blog post alone?
a dozen, easy
i'm printing this out


one more thing
can we please get a legend or a guide up on the sidebar to keep track of all the hilarious names you're coming up with for people?

Friend One

you mistakenly called friend two by the name of friend one. multiple times. this is nearly unforgiveable. also, i don't have to buy you a drink at awp because i've already bought the hotel room. duh, you're beholden even if you don't sleep there. whore.

sorry, did i mention i was drunk?

Terrible Mother

I am paying for half the room, dammit! I am not beholden for that!

Kari, that's an genius idea. I'll start on it straight away.

Friend One

also, i told you so about friend two: he won't hang out with me unless you're around. or we're at a bar. or there's a rock for him to climb.

Friend Omega

i have given up on grammar, for it has given up on me.

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