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November 12, 2006


Friend One

so jealous. just so jealous not to be one of those friends stopping by, etc. i am sadsadsad here in my little vermont world of thanksgiving with strangers.

Tragically Hip Single Mother

What are vampire ears, anyway? Thing Two's ears entrance me, fascinate me, beguile me.

Fozzy Bear -


I've got nothing. I am stopping by to say it.. it.. the word. the word that feels... expresses.. and ummm.. it is.... it is... hi.



That's it?

Jeez, I thought I'd feel different once I knew what it was.


Do you remember that old SNL sketch when Bill Murray (swoon!) first joined up, and he was doing the World's Worst Lounge Singer, and he'd croon, "Star...Wars...nothing but...STAR...wars!"

I wish we could get Bill to come and do that for Thing One and FC.

Wait, maybe he has a Myspace account!

Pink- Haired housewife

I can't believe you cooked a TURKEY...
And admitted it.
Beware the Meat Gestapo.
Be. Ware.

Pink- Haired housewife

(It's because I never sleep.)
I did NOT mean to suggest that you used your vagina to cook a turkey.
I mean...it wouldn't really be warm enough to be safe from bacteria, would it? Not that you're full of bacteria or anything. Remember "The Accidental Tourist" 225 degree oven? I'm sayin. My body temp tends to run a little low. I could maybe pull off warm tapas olives and chickpeas.
And - a turkey's pretty big. Well, HUGE really, so there's that to consider.
I'm not saying it couldn't be done. Someone's probably doing it right now. And maybe someday you'll figure out how to do it and show the rest of us.

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