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November 20, 2006



One of the funniest posts you've ever written. Without a doubt.


I work in telecomunnications. I don't design the pretty, I just make sure people can get to it.

Anyway, it looks like you've got it up and running. But I think you're worng about being the protagonist. I predict a sudden and violent second act departure for your character. The Things Three will then band together and combine their unique talents to avenge your death.


P.S. Daniel Craig is insanely hot as the new Bond. And Borat... in this movie, he introduces his sister as the "fourth best prositute" in the village. While he's saying this, she proudly brings a trophy up into the frame and smiles. A trophy! It's perfectly timed and it's on the screen just long enough. Comdic genius, I tell you. Also, if the naked fight had gone on any longer, there would've been urine stains aplenty.

P.P.S. Just finishing No Country for Old Men. I don't understand what he has against quotation marks. I also just read that the Coen brothers adapted it for the screen. This should be good. The book is in their "Blood Simple/Fargo" wheelhouse.


Friend Omega

the movie adaptation of no country for old men is supposed to be fantastic.

however, the jackass lighting tech who tried to threaten me because i could not overnight twenty cases of hella lights to him, directly from hella and not from our warehouse, because he placed his order at 8:00 at night? he is dead to me.

do you hear me, mr. kidner? you are dead to me. dead!

i told you i could do it if you had josh brolin come pick them up in person, but you were inflexible on this negotiation. fie to you!


Over the next few days, I'll be working on the blog trying to get a working "Cast of Characters" sidebar going, per Kari's request. However, I'll be still be posting, and everything should work fine, except for said sidebar.

FUNNY. majorly majorly funny. and droll. and so cute. all in all, so very TM.

like, "hello people and fyi! i have a PROJECT to work on! woo hoo! did you know i can read & listen to music simultaneously! i'm multitalented!"

Terrible Mother

I am so not droll. Not once, not ever.

It's all a clever ruse. Fie to your droll, even.

Friend Omega

i think that you should make it so that, when you hover over the supporting cast's names, an explanation pops up. like "friend omega is a playwright from ohio," even though i'm a screenwriter from california.

or "badfreak shows up sometimes. says something incisive. picks apart someone's writing. and then goes back into a reclusive state for three months."

you know. things like that.


Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.


i see the legend is coming along.

can you list me as "uncredited extra"?

Terrible Mother

Wouldn't that, then, be giving you some kind of credit?

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