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December 12, 2006



this is a great short movie.

who is this Omega person?


Very witty. What what the catalyst for it's creation? Just for fun or something specific? Either way, it made me giggle!


Oh! Is this what the Thanksgiving phone call was all about? Of course it isn't four by ten feet. Perhaps not...

Terrible Mother

This IS what the Thanksgiving phone call was about, though I think you are right about the dimensions.

Omega plays James Lipton in this and I think he's grand at it.

Friend Omega

I don't know from dimensions - that's really just what Brian was saying at the time. I'm bad with dimensions, myself, but I can say that it's bigger than it looks. If that even makes sense.

As for who I am, I am me. :) A few years ago, I left a voicemail for TM on the U of O Creative Writing MFAs' voicemail. Someone passed the message along and asked, "Who is that guy?" She replied, "He's a playwright from Ohio."

For some reason, the fact that that was an acceptable answer was one of the happiest moments in my life. So I guess I'll respond to you thusly: I am a writer/director from San Diego who used to be a playwright from Ohio.

As for the genesis of the project, we are shooting a longer short film called Captain Awesome. It features The Kool-Aid Man as a villain, and his only dialogue is, "Oh yeah!" I thought, "Wouldn't it be funny if he was being interviewed by someone and all he could say was 'Oh Yeah'?"

My brain works funny.

Anyway, so the "someone" became James Lipton and the rest took care of itself.

Incidentally, that's an extremely rough cut, and we will be putting together a better one within the next month or so.

Terrible Mother

You're awfully easy to please, Omega.

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