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January 25, 2007



Oh, god, I bet you're just SICK over this. I would be. I wish we lived in the same town so I could keep your kids for you after school. The autistic one would fit right in here. I do hope you ream them a new one. At the very least (and I know it's terrible to look at it this way, but still) maybe this scared Thing Two enough that he wouldn't think of doing it again. Poor baby.

Friend Omega

I don't see what the big deal is. I cross streets all the time and don't get hit by cars.

He's not special.


OMIGOD. I probably don't need to say it, but this is like certain nightmares I have. What's the use of having a first-name school if they can't get your kid on a f*ing bus? See, I like the hippies (my son goes to a hippy school too), but you need to get the kid ON THE BUS.
If you need back up strongly worded emails, let me know. I think I have one in me. Or two. maybe.


I'd like to chime in, for the record:

As a former FOURTH GRADE TEACHER, it was MY responsibility to get my kids to where they were supposed to be for after school. I walked 'walkers' to the perimeter of the fence, an 1/8 of a mile. I took the bus kids to the door of the bus. These were nine and ten year olds. Your hippie teachers are on crack. And if you have to play the autistic card, well. It's fucking valid here.

Pink-Haired Housewife

Dear TM -
On behalf of the entire "team" I'd like to extend my deepest most totally warmest apologies about the bus mess. We are soooo bummed that you're pissed. The thing is - most of us are usually pretty responsible in our work situations, but a whole bunch of us were up late the night before doing this Rod Mckuen poetry reading deal, so we were just tapped out...unshowered...feeling good, but a little too mellow from all the Sellwood we smoked in the break room where we also ate granola, and passed around one of those deodorant crystals.
Glad the kid's o.k. He's tough, that kid, and if he'd gotten hit by a car, I'm sure he'd be fine, because kids are all rubbery an shit.
Be well.


Fuck yeah, TM. That school deserves an intensely strong email, and i know you can deliver. XXOO A

Wacky Mommy

Forget the e-mails. This requires in-your-face contact and at least two meetings -- one where you show up on Monday morning and demand to speak to someone, right now, and one that is scheduled for a time when all (ir)responsible staff and teachers can be there.

And talk lawsuits, because yes, this is that serious. I am so glad he's OK. But what if this happens to another kid and they're not? God forbid. Also, I would take a friend with me, for back-up. I wish I was there with you.

Then, follow up with e-mails: "This is in regards to our meeting wherein I ripped off your face. The following needs to be addressed..."

Please tell them this sort of crap is not standard practice at any other school that you've heard of, and you know because you've talked to at least twenty other parents and community members.

And tell them the Internet hates them.

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