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March 27, 2007



HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who sucks at that game. But because my own weakness does not prevent me from mocking others, can you name the story that the (actually abbreviated here) chain of HAs comes from? God, I'm mean.

Friend R

meh. Gladwell's not all that. He's a decent writer, but his books, while occasionally insightful, are heavy with anecdote and light on evidence. As such, they're good conversation fodder, but they're certainly not the last word on the subject. Until Gladwell's "insights" have some scientific backing (deductive rather than inductive), I'll continue to take his opinions as such. At the same time, you should at least know who he is since you have a subscription to the New Yorker. Score one (1) for FA.

You can be forgiven the Ken Burns thing. I'd wager most folks know about the Ken Burns Effect because they have Macs, not because they sat through 25+ hours of baseball minutiae. Score one (1) for *tm.

Score's tied. Wait. I just realized FA mentioned something about marrying Gladwell. Minus one (-1) to FA for poor taste. Woot! *tm wins. I expect some sort of reward for rescuing you from the ignominy of your ignorance, *tm.


Please advise Fort Meanie that the director of the film in question also directed "Lantana" and that was what you might call a "thriller" and I have seen it four times and it's a fabulous movie and I have faith that if anyone is going to make a Raymond Carver short story into a movie it might as well be Ray Lawrence.

Malcolm Gladwell is a pretty interesting writer but he is also one of those people who takes a novel approach to a very shallow concept and tries to convince you it's a revolutionary idea. "Blink" is a good example of what I mean.

Knowing the Simpsons but not Ken Burns? That is what makes you so terribly lovable.


Oh and Deborah Eisenberg? She wrote The Seagull, right? ;)

Friend Omega

First of all, "Freakonomics" is wonderful. It was written by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner (I may have swapped a Stephen for a Steven and vice versa. Fuckem.) I just feel like they need credit.

Second of all, boo for judging the merits of a film by its genre. AFI has a hard-on for Raymond Lawrence for a reason: His films are very good. The screenwriter, Beatrix Christian, is a pretty good playwright with a pension for thrillers and suspense. Her play "Faust's House" is really quite lovely, and I have no reason to doubt that "Jindabyne" will be good until I see it for myself.

Thirdlyofall, "A conversation between Fort Awesome and I"? "This caused Friend Two and I to look at each other"? What the fuckles are you trying to do to me, lady?

Terrible Mother

Friend R: If your reward involves me reading your thesis for you, then sign me up.



Kari: If I knit you a scarf with the likeness of Malcolm Gladwell on it, would you still love me then? Hmmm?

Liza: Oh, it hurts when you laugh at me. HURTS!

Omega: When you use a word like "fuckles" on I it makes myself laugh.

fort gladwell

there are some very important rewordings here terrible m - that make me look bad - and some omissions as well.
as for the rest of you
do not speak ill of the gladwell!


Re: Ft. Gladwell:

We, of course, dwell on the superficial. For example, said Gladwell's blog has not been updated for almost three months. That, well, doesn't make us very glad.

We, of course, could do without the hair.


We, of course, are put off by the fact that he was born in England. Why couldn't he have been born in Belgium? Why must almost every foreign national who is lauded in the US be born under the Union Jack?

As loyal tm readers, we understant that Duchies have a certain appeal on this site (note: we much prefer duchesses over duchies).

So what is wrong with the flag of Belgium, which owes its color scheme to the former flag of the Duchy Brabant? This counts for something, no?



Yikes, the links do not work from above.

Many apologies. Words, or at least those which Gladwell may be capable of composing, can not adequately express my embarrassment. So I must do as a Walloon and correct my mistakes.

The first link:

The second link:

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