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April 29, 2007


Dr. Write

Ha! I love the Soccer Spreadsheet, and think teams should email these out, including the snack schedule. You could make a mint marketing some kind of Sports Mom Spreadsheet template. Please do it!
I have only one Thing, but I foolishly signed him up for two sports in one season (so that I wouldn't have to drive him to any sports in the summer. Any sports, that is, that didn't involve me sitting next to the pool sipping a margarita). So this means three days a week I have to drive him to games/practice. And if I wanted to I could take him to soccer practice and a baseball game on the same day. But I don't want to.
You deserve some kind of parenting Pulitzer or Nobel prize for that. And for the spreadsheet.

Tragically Hip Single Mother

I was in such a foul mood after the second game on Saturday, too. Later I realized it was my subconscious screaming, "Another fucking Saturday down the tubes! What were you THINKING?"

And I've only got the one. My hat is off to you. And Thing One can catch a ride any time.


I love you, but how do you lose an Excel spreadsheet? There are safeguards you'd actually have to defeat in order for this to happen.

Maybe your hard drive's witholding it until you put it in a machine with a faster bus speed. Was there a ransom note? You might not recognize it at first. Look for a notepad document with a lot of random ones and zeros.

Terrible Mother

Oh. I should have been more specific. I made the spreadsheet at work and didn't put it on my jump drive. Therefore I losted the printed copy and didn't have time to come into work, fire up my computer, and reprint it.


That's our government dollars, working for us.


This is why I email everything to myself.


Then there's a hard copy, right there in the Google.

Tragically Hip Single Mother


How the HELL did Omega not leap on that with both grimacing feet?

Terrible Mother

Oh no.


I try not to call out typos, because goodness knows I make my fair share of them.

Terrible Mother

See, I could go back and edit it, but now that it's been pointed out, it will make me look like an anal-retentive blog bitch. The alternative would be to edit the post and then edit out yours, THSP. But then I'd be the uber-blog bitch.

Decisions, decisions.

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