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April 24, 2007



Atta tm. You must channel your anger.

Dorian Gray

And I work here, too! Bollocks. How 'bout the time when Ike Turner said that Dell would go out of business because they went to black towers from the "standard" cream soda colored ones? And--she wanted to send back all of the new black monitors and towers that we had purchased (at our expense) because of the imminent demise of said giant computer company? Or--how about the time that.. sorry..my team of analysts just informed me that I need to *stop* thinking about Ike any further--because that is what Ike wants us to do--its all about Ike and the accessory pens--the mean girl in high school--the..the..control FREAK that is....IKE T!!! So, TM--Are you an Ikette? ; >


I am easily the dumbest person in my office. Sometimes I am glad for this.


TM, this is possibly one of the more shocking demonstrations of idiocy I've had the delight to hear about ina while. However, you need only to live next to my neighbor to see and hear plenty more!



You must take advantage of his stupidity, TM. You're sort of obligated to do it, I'm pretty sure. Start feeding him misinformation that works to your advantage.

Dr. Write

This is almost as bad as the conversation I had (with a relative, which is worse) about how I shouldn't let my son drink soy milk, because it will turn him into a woman!!!!!!! If I'd only known it was so easy, I would have started drinking it myself much earlier!


Soy does have a high isoflavone count, which stimulates estrogen receptors and(theoretically) increases the likelihood of breast cancer, coronary heart disease, and uterine cancer.

I'm not sure that there has been a documented case of gender reversal, however.

But I'm no scientist.

Friend Omega

I actually have absolutely no idea what I just said.

Evelyn Wangari

I am a silent person in my office.

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