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May 16, 2007



Well. Finally.


Friend R

Greeaaat....now all the wannabe hipsters are going to spend all their time talking about how they knew you when you were still working the corners of Typepadville, happy to lure in a the occasional perv drawn by the promise of hot, naked, vibrator-wielding, breastfeeding mothers.


you're moving on up TM

Friend Omega

It's going to be weird having a whole bunch of new commenters. We'll all be drowned out.

Not that I'm complaining. I think it's wonderful.

Are they all going to get nicknames?

Friend Omega

What I meant to say is that I think that it's wonderful that Friend2 and I will be drowned out.

We just kind of deserve it.

Everyone else should get their comments highlighted. Highlit?

Damn it.

Terrible Mother

How many nicknames do you think I have in me, Omega? Sheesh!

Really, I don't plan on adding any more nicknames, unless I start dating again.


I don't know how anyone or anything could drown out you two. Seriously.

Friend Omega

I recall when you went on a naming spree and I was the one to mention that you didn't have that many names in you.

I'm not going to say that your name choices have borne out that prophecy, I'm just sayin'.

Tragically Hip Single Mother

Why do you keep saying you're not going to date? You're protesting TOO MUCH. I'm not taking you seriously anymore.

Yeah, and what Omega said. Drown those boys out. Highlight all else.



I don't remember quality being a criteria.

Congrats, TM. Blog on, sister-soldier-friend!


Damn it, Omega.

Just by writing this I'm proving your point.

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