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May 10, 2007



Just the other day I said to a friend it's frustrating, ironic, hilarious but horrific how so many of us make far less money than and take orders from those less intelligent than us.

Anyway, the average lay person, even one in a managerial position, knows next to nothing about grammar. In today's corporate environment grammar is meaningless. In fact the more muddled and confused the communication the more effective it is by political and corporate standards. You really don't want anyone to understand what you mean.

Remember Orwell's essay? I love that essay!

Well, I need to send off a couple faxes quickly.



Now that's what I'm talking about!

Friend R

Well, darlin', if you knew the right verb, you wouldn't have to use an adverb at all.



I really hope she said, "Not correctly."

Please, let her have said, "Not correctly."

Please please don't let that be Terrible Mother playing up the irony.

Terrible Mother

Oh, she said it. She said it. I nearly died.


Brilliant! I'll revisit this entry often.

And you're not that petty. It’s not like you said, "I have had to go to the bathroom for half an hour now, and now I am making my way there... slowly."

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