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May 18, 2007


Friend Omega

No Colonel Steve Austin, then?

My genius is appreciated only by me.


Such as it is.

And such as you are.

Terrible Mother

What, you guys want an entry with all the nicknames you've given Jon in particular, and all the boys I've "dated" in general?

Because that could be arranged.


That's a particularly nasty threat, considering I can't remember every name I might have used. You could make up anything, attribute it to me, and I couldn't argue.

However, I do remember responding to someone whining about being lonely with, "Well, maybe the VA hospital's open late tonight. There's bound to be a fresh amputee or two there."

Tragically Hip Single Mother

Oh, snap.

Terrible Mother

Oh, like it's soooo much worse than going bar hopping!

Friend Omega

Actually, I'm calling you out.

Yeah. Yeah, I want to see that entry.

Terrible Mother

Oh God. You would call me out, wouldn't you?


Oh, my! I think you are living what all of us moms struggle to put into words!

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