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May 13, 2007





Dr. Write

I agree!! (about everything). I also think we should be able to buy our own presents so that we get what we want. (in every sense).
But I do like that I can get out of whatever I want, at least for one day, by saying, "You do that. It's mother's day." I mean, it's only one day, so I have to milk it for all it's worth.


Happy Mother's Day, Terrible Mother.

Katha Pollitt continually inspires me.

Does America have enough feminist moms to co-opt anything? I'd like to think so, but I have some deep doubts.


There should be a "thank you for not procreating" day.

I'm going to write a proposal for Hallmark now.


i have to say, i'm not sure that bitter works all that well for you.

Terrible Mother

Pshaw, G. Pshaw.

Tragically Hip Single Mother

Bitter's like the new black. It goes with everything. I'm planning to bring my bitter to the baby shower I'll attend on the 3rd.


I would simply like a washing machine. Or dryer. Even a new dishwasher would be nice.

You know. For wayward unmarried man day. Yes, yes, I know, every day is wayward unmarried man day. But that doesn't get my whites any whiter.


if you don't like the gifts you're given, we're taking back your day.

we voted.

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