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November 03, 2012



As one of those friends who loves you back, I am perhaps almost as torn about this decision as you are. I would like with all my heart to comment with no bias, but for the most selfish and selfless reasons all at once, it is impossible for me to do so.

Rachel B.

I understand the conflict, Heather, but I think it's best at this point just to apply and know that you can make that decision when you hear word--that's usually mid-April, right? In the mean time, be kind to you, because you're just the most amazing mother and person, and know that you can make that decision when you have more information. Easier said than done, but I think it could help.

Lynn K.

Though it is not the same, your post reminds me of what I have been thinking about a lot, which is, how to choose between WHERE I live and WHAT I do. Which is more important? For me, it has to be a balance.
I wish there was a magic "writer fund" where you could get money enough to just write for a year, because I know if you wrote a book you could sell it and then that would make a lot of other things easier.
Believe in your gift! You are a great writer and you need time. Maybe Iowa is that, but maybe there are other ways too. I don't know what they are...
kickstarter? Kent Nelson got a bunch of people to "invest" in his book and then when he sold it, he paid them back. Have you thought about that? I mean, figure out how much you need...and then maybe experiment? Raise some money, take the summer off...I don't know. Set up a paypal account, because I am ready to donate! (seriously, it is a mere stroke of luck that I have a full time job)
Just don't give up, because we need your stories.
Good luck.

Jenn R

You're both a great mother and writer. Please keep writing and let us all know when your book is released so we can run out and buy it!


Thanks all. I am going to apply no matter what. So much can happen between now and next August, and reducing my options is a bad idea.

The encouragement is helpful. And I've thought about doing a Kickstarter project before--I'm just not sure that I can pull it off successfully. And I also think that I might need to do one eventually if I end up self-publishing my memoir, or to promote it. I wouldn't want to keep on asking friends and family to donate.

This is when I wish there were better funding for the arts, you know?


ALSO Lynn: I totally know what you mean about balance. It's hard to do it, but that's what I've been going for here as well. Still, a move might be good for us all.

Evelyn Wangari

You are such a good mother and a writer. Great stuff!

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